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Business Class Flights to Darwin, Australia

Located right on the coast, near the Beagle Gulf and Timor Sea, Darwin is a popular destination in the northern territory of Australia. It’s not uncommon for adventurous travelers to book first-class or business-class flights to Darwin in search of its incredible cuisine, gorgeous scenery, nearby national parks, and bountiful coastal activities. With a population of about 150,000 residents, Darwin is smaller than some of Australia’s other major cities, but its rich history and natural charm more than compensates for its size. 


Tourists who book flights to Darwin can anticipate landing in Darwin International Airport (DRW), the only airport serving the city. This international airport is a great access point for global travelers, and it serves as a launching pad for domestic flights throughout Australia. 


Nature lovers will enjoy trekking through the five national parks that surround Darwin. Litchfield National Park, Djukbinj National Park, Mary River National Park, Kakadu National Park, and Nitmiluk National Park are all located around the coastal city and offer different views and activities.


Litchfield National Park is a stunning landscape that offers lush greenery and beautiful sandstones, dubbed “The Lost City,” for the way they look like ancient ruins. The park is also home to several waterfalls that cascade into beautiful, crystal-clear pools. For locals, Litchfield National Park is considered a must, and for hikers who book cheap flights to Darwin, it’s definitely a destination worth exploring on foot.


Djukbinj National Park, on the other hand, is perfect for drives. This wetland offers plenty of bird-watching and wildlife-spotting. Many travelers stop here for photography, and its network of billabongs, which are river branches that form stagnant pools, offer natural wonders.


For history lovers, Mary River National Park is home to the Stuart's Memorial Cairn, which commemorates explorer John McDougall Stuart’s expedition crossing from Southern Australia to the northern tip of what is now known as the city of Darwin. This paved the way for the development of Australia. Mary River National Park is also a great spot for hiking and saltwater crocodile-spotting.


Travelers who purchase plane tickets to Darwin often visit Nitmiluk National Park, which is located on the lands of the Jaowyn people and is home to beautiful rock art sites. The Nitmiluk Gorge at the southern end of the park is a beautiful system of gorges that can be explored by walking, mountain biking, or boating, offering unique views from each route. On the northern end, Leliyn (Edith Falls) offers plenty of camping and picnicking opportunities, as well as the ability to swim in a beautiful natural pool. This end of the park juts up against Kakadu National Park, which is one of the largest national parks in Australia.


Many who hop on business-class or first-class flights to Darwin make their way to Kakadu National Park for its seemingly endless beauty and wonder. This park has plenty of rock art, as well as guided tours by rangers from one of the three nearby Aboriginal tribes. Visitors to Kakadu National Park enjoy spectacular views, hiking, and fishing tours.


For tourists who want to explore the city, Darwin’s Museum & Art Gallery of the Northern Territory offers an expansive Aboriginal art collection, as well as a Maritime Museum that showcases unique boats from nearby islands.


Hopping on a flight to Darwin to get some much-needed beach time? Mindil Beach Sunset Market is a top destination in the city, as it gives visitors a taste of global cuisines. The market gets its name from when it’s most active, coming alive at sunset. Then, tourists and locals explore a wide palate of Chinese, Indian, Greek, Brazilian, Sri Lankan, and other cuisines from around the world. Delicious flavors meld with cultural music while visitors shop for trinkets.


When tourists are ready to work off a heavy meal at Mindil Beach Sunset Market, they can swim in the “Cage of Death” at Crocosaurus Cove, which gives thrill-seekers the ability to swim close to saltwater crocodiles. Crocosaurus Cove is also home to a plethora of other sea life and reptiles, proving to be a fun destination for locals and tourists alike.

Popular destination cities in Australia include Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.