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Business Class Flights to Australia & Oceania

Oceania is a geographic area that includes several countries that are located in the Pacific Ocean region of the Southern Hemisphere. Many of the countries that make up Oceania are island nations. Australia, New Zealand, Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia make up Oceania, though many travelers, business or otherwise, tend to book flights to Australia and New Zealand. 


The areas known as Melanesia, Micronesia, and Polynesia are each made up of several islands and island chains. Polynesia includes Samoa, Tonga, Easter Island, Hawaii, Cook Island, Tuvalu, and French Polynesia. Melanesia’s islands include Fiji, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands; and Micronesia is made up, in part, of the Marshall Islands and the Caroline Islands.


Although Oceania is sparsely populated as a whole, its large cities, which include Sydney in Australia and Auckland in New Zealand, are bustling urban centers with robust economies and many cultural attractions. Many travelers purchase plane tickets to Australia and New Zealand to see both large cities and sweeping scenic elements.


For those looking to book flights to Australia to visit the country’s cities, Sydney is Australia’s largest city as well as the largest city in Oceania. It is also the most frequent destination for corporate travelers who book business class flights to Australia. Approximately 3 million international visitors book plane tickets to Australia each year.


Sydney’s large central business district is home to several international and Australian banks and financial services companies whose combined earnings make up 25 percent of Australia’s gross national product (GNP). Among the international banks that have offices in Sydney are the Bank of America; the Bank of China; Credit Suisse; the Royal Bank of Canada; and the Royal Bank of Scotland. Sydney is also home to the Australian Securities Exchange, which is one of the world’s 10 largest exchanges in terms of volume.


Along with the Australian city of Melbourne, Sydney also has a history as a manufacturing center. Both cities are home to companies that mainly manufacture high-tech goods.


Many tourists also book flights to Australia from the USA and other countries, including many from Europe and Asia. Because it can be such a long flight, quite a few travelers book first class to Australia for extra comfort. Other countries in Oceania are also popular tourist destinations, especially New Zealand and many of the islands that make up Polynesia, which are home to several popular beach resorts.


Leisure travelers who purchase plane tickets to Australia often visit Sydney as part of their itineraries. A regional cultural hub, Sydney is home to many museums and performing arts venues. Among the most well-known is the Sydney Opera House, located on the city’s picturesque harbor front. The Sydney Opera House, with its sail-like roof panels, was named a cultural heritage site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in 2007.


Other popular sites in the city include Bondi Beach; the Royal Botanic Garden; the Sea Life Sydney Aquarium; the Sydney Harbor Bridge; and Sydney Olympic Park.


Sydney is home to one of the largest populations of international students in the world, which is yet another reason why flights to Australia are often busy.


The Australian city of Melbourne is also a popular destination for travelers. It is the second-largest city in Oceania by population and the second-largest city in Australia after Sydney. The city of Melbourne radiates out from its central business district, which is home to the tallest building in Oceania and the tallest in Australia, a residential tower called Australia 108. 


Melbourne is known for being a “green city” because of the large number of public parks and green spaces available to its residents. Melbourne’s suburbs are also home to a large number of parks, as spending time outdoors is an important part of Australian life and culture.


Many of Australia’s national parks are located within a short distance of Melbourne as well. These include Mornington Peninsula National Park; Port Phillip Heads Marine National Park; and Point Nepean National Park. These national parks attract thousands of visitors each year, including those who book flights to Australia to see the natural wonders.


Melbourne’s many museums, theaters, and live music venues are another draw for tourists and locals alike. The city’s vibrant live music scene in particular is known around the world. Melbourne is the home of many of Australia’s most well-known bands and musical performers including The Seekers, Men at Work, Crowded House, and Kylie Minogue.