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Business Class Flights to Australia

There’s more than just the Outback awaiting travelers who book first-class or business flights to Australia. Deriving its name from “Terra Australis,” which is Latin for “southern land,” the continent of Australia offers a variety of habitats for visitors in search of exploration. From desert to tropical rainforest and several sprawling metropolitan cities in between, a flight to Australia opens up a whole new world of discovery.


Some 65,000 years ago, it is believed the first settlers of Australia crossed the sea and adopted the landscape of this small continent in Oceania. These early ancestors of the Aboriginal people are credited with developing one of the most enduring artistic and cultural worldviews, one that carries on today in their descendants. It wasn’t until the early 1600s when the first Europeans set foot on the continent, and much later, in 1788, when a subsequent British fleet arrived to establish the first penal colony. 


Though independent from the United Kingdom, the cultural influences of both Aboriginal people and European settlers have culminated in an Australia rich in a culture all its own. Travelers who book flights to Australia are in for an adventure through time and climate that will leave an impression they won’t soon forget.


Tourists looking to hop on a business flight to Australia have several ports of entry into the country. Most major cities like AdelaideDarwinMelbourneSydney, and Perth all have their own international airports. Each one offers a different view of Australia, and depending on where travelers are looking to explore, can get them closer to popular attractions.


Most of Australia is a semi-arid desert climate, which people around the globe generally know as the Outback. However, there is much richness, diversity, and beauty to find within the Outback that will mystify explorers and set each area apart. 


For visitors who book first-class flights to Australia’s Adelaide region, they can explore Coober Pedy, a former opal-mining town that features attractions such as underground mansions, homes (called “dugouts”), churches, art galleries, and more. Also outside of Adelaide is Flinders Ranges, which features sweeping Outback views and rock formations more than 600 million years old. For those who want to sit back and take in the views, an Outback safari can take tourists up close in Flinders Ranges, or tourists can climb aboard the Pichi Pichi Railway for a scenic train ride to Central Australia.


Outside of New South Whales, Mungo National Park is a beautiful and historically significant destination for travelers who book plane tickets to Australia. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Mungo National Park’s red landscape, dried-up lake beds, and dunes often earn it descriptions that liken it to the moon or the planet Mars. Visitors can take in the beautiful views, as well as go on a guided Aboriginal Discovery Tour, which is led by a ranger from one of the three nearby tribes. Through these tours, visitors can learn about Aboriginal culture, stories, and more in the land where Mungo Lady and Mungo Man were found. These remains are one of the most important historical artifacts in Australia, as they are 42,000 years old and represent one of the earliest ritual burials outside of the continent of Africa


For those booking business-class to Australia by way of Darwin, nearby Kakadu National Park is Australia’s biggest park and also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Tourists who come to this national park explore its waterfalls and rainforests or take a fishing tour. There are also rock art galleries that date up to 20,000 years old. Explorers set on booking flights to Australia can find hiking and wetland tours in Kakadu National Park, as well as Aboriginal-led safaris that can show them a natural beauty with rich, historical context of the people who first settled this continent. 


For those who book a flight to Australia in search of desert exploration, Nambung National Park north of Perth offers a classic beauty unlike the previous two national parks mentioned above. Nambung is home to incredible limestone formations, called the Pinnacles, as well as white dunes and incredible beaches. Hangover Bay, one of the beaches in this area, offers views, surfing, and more. It’s not uncommon for travelers to catch a glimpse of dolphins or sea lions in the bay or catch sight of carpet pythons or Gould’s monitors along the coast. 


Still, there is so much more to explore. For those looking for adventure, a business-class or first-class flight to Australia opens up a whole new world of climates, cities, and Aboriginal history that can’t be found on any other continent. 

Popular destination cities in Australia include Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney.