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Business Class Flights to Stuttgart, Germany

One of Germany’s largest cities, Stuttgart is located in the southwestern part of the country. The city is home to about 3 million people, with a little more than 5 million people living in Stuttgart’s greater metro area. Within Germany and throughout Europe, Stuttgart is known for having a high standard of living. It is about an hour’s drive from both the Black Forest and the Swabian Alps, and the city itself is home to a large number of green outdoor spaces.


Business class flights to Stuttgart, Germany, arrive at Stuttgart International Airport (STR). The airport, which serves about 12 million passengers per year, is located in the nearby towns of Leinfelden-Echterdingen and Filderstadt, about 8 miles from Stuttgart’s city center. 


Many of the business travelers who fly to Stuttgart come to the region to attend conferences and events at the Messe Stuttgart Convention Center, which is located next to Stuttgart International Airport. The convention center, which was built in 2007, is one of Germany’s largest. It is accessible from Stuttgart via the city’s suburban rail network and from several of Stuttgart’s suburbs via local bus lines.


Business travelers who work in the automobile industry also commonly book flights to Stuttgart. The city is home to the corporate offices of Mercedes Benz and Porsche as well as to automobile parts manufacturers Mahle and Bosch. 


Stuttgart is also known as a European hub for scientific and technological research. The city and its surrounding region are home to several research universities; scientific foundations, including two campuses of the nonprofit Max Planck Society for the Advancement of Science; and a campus of the German Aerospace Center, which conducts research on energy use, transportation methods, and aerospace travel and transport. Scientists from throughout the world book business class flights to Stuttgart and its suburbs to work, study, and conduct research at these organizations.


In addition to being a center for business and science, Stuttgart also has a rich cultural heritage especially in the field of performing arts. Tourists who fly to Stuttgart, Germany, often make a point to attend a performance at at least one of the city’s theaters. These include the Staatstheater Stuttgart or State Theater, which offers opera, ballet, and theatrical performances in three separate buildings. Stuttgart’s Liederhalle Concert Hall is home to the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra. Visitors to the city and locals alike can enjoy Broadway-style musical theater performances at the city’s Apollo and Palladium Theaters.


Some of the tourists who book cheap flights to Stuttgart come to the region to attend one of the city’s several annual events. Among the most well-known is the three-week Cannstatter Volksfest, also known as the Stuttgart Beer Festival. The Cannstatter Volksfest is held in late September and early October at the Cannstatter Wasen, a fairground situated along the city’s Neckar River. In addition to food and beer, the festival features live music, entertainment, and a festive parade. More than 4 million people attend the Cannstatter Volksfest each year, making it a popular and well-loved event.


Also popular is Stuttgart’s annual Christmas market, which offers patrons sweet treats, mulled wine, live music, and the opportunity to shop at several stalls selling goods made by local artisans and artists.


Although Stuttgart is home to several museums, many of the tourists who fly to Stuttgart come to the city specifically to visit its automobile museums. These include the Mercedes Benz Museum, which offers exhibits on the history of Mercedes Benz cars and the Mercedes Benz brand. The Mercedes Benz Museum opened in 1936 and hosts more than 440,000 visitors each year.


The Porsche Museum, which opened in 1976, offers changing exhibits of vintage and restored Porsche cars.

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