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Business Class Flights to Leipzig, Germany

One of the largest cities in what was once East Germany, Leipzig has been an important economic and business hub dating back to the 12th century due to its location at the crossroads of two major land trade routes and on the White Elster River. While the city’s economic influence waned under communism, since the reunification of Germany in 1990, Leipzig has regained much of its significance as business center. 


Flights to Leipzig, Germany, arrive at Leipzig Halle International Airport (LEJ). The airport is located in the Leipzig suburb of Schkeuditz, about four miles from the city center. The airport handles about 2.6 million passengers each year and is an important transport hub for air cargo within Germany. Direct flights to Leipzig Halle International Airport are available from several major European cities, including London, Dublin, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Istanbul.


Passengers who book flights to Leipzig will find that the city has an excellent public transportation system, making renting a car unnecessary. Among the city’s several public transportation options is an extensive railway system that can carry passengers to the nearby suburbs as well as to other parts of Germany. Travel within the city is available via Leipzig’s tram and bus system. Leipzig also has a wide-ranging bike-sharing system. Many people choose to get around the city by bicycle as the city’s roads are designed to accommodate cyclists.


Many of the business travelers who book flights to Leipzig work in the automobile industry. The city and its suburbs are home to manufacturing plants owned by BMW and Porsche. Other large employers in the area include companies in the software and high-tech industries; the petroleum and energy industries, especially natural gas; and in the medical and biomedical research space.


Tourism also makes up an important part of Leipzig’s economy. It is one of Germany’s most frequently visited cities, with about 3 million tourists booking flights to Leipzig each year. 


Since 1990, Leipzig has become a center for culture. The city is known for its live music and nightclub scene as well as for its many excellent museums; its historic Renaissance-era and Baroque architecture; as well as for its many more recently built modern buildings. 


Among the city’s newer construction is the City Hochhaus Leipzig office building. The 36-story skyscraper is the tallest building in the former East Germany and is the home of the European Energy Exchange. Another one of Leipzig’s iconic new structures is the Fernmeldeturm Leipzig tower. Built in 1995, the communications tower is today owned and operated by Deutsche Telekom.


Most of the visitors who book flights to Leipzig enjoy seeing at least a few of the city’s popular tourist attractions. These include the Leipzig Zoological Garden, one of Europe’s largest zoos; the Old City Hall, built in 1556, which today functions as a museum; and the Musical Instrument Museum, which is owned and operated by Leipzig University.


The city of Leipzig is also an important education center within Germany. Leipzig University, established in 1409, is one of the oldest universities in Europe. The school has an enrollment of nearly 30,000 students, many of which take cheap flights to Leipzig from other parts of Germany in order to study there. Leipzig University offers degree programs in several subjects including biotechnology, literature, music, chemistry, economics, finance, law, and medicine.


Notable alumni of Leipzig University include the former Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel; novelist Johann Wolfgang von Goethe; philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche; classical music composer and conductor Richard Wagner; classical music composer and conductor Robert Schumann; and the recipient of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Medicine, Svante Paabo.


Other notable residents of Leipzig include classical composers Johann Sebastian Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach, and Johann Christian Bach; classical composer and conductor Felix Mendelssohn.

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