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Business Class Flights to Zurich, Switzerland

Switzerland’s largest city, Zurich, is located in the north-central part of the country. The city is one of Europe’s most important centers for banking and finance, and thousands of people book business-class flights to Zurich each year. Due to its long, rich history and picturesque setting, flights to Zurich are also booked by thousands of tourists each year. For many, Zurich is the very definition of Switzerland, its culture, and its people.


Zurich and its surrounding metropolitan area are home to nearly 2 million people, making the area one of Europe’s most densely populated regions. The city serves as a transportation hub within Switzerland. It is home to Switzerland’s largest train station. Zurich’s government is also in the process of building infrastructure to improve conditions for bicycle traffic. As you will find in many large European cities, Zurich also has an extensive and reliable public transportation system, allowing travelers who book flights to Zurich, Switzerland, to get around without having to rent a car.


First-class flights to Zurich arrive at Zurich International Airport (ZRH), which is located just six miles north of the city in the Zurich suburb of Kloten. It is the largest international airport in Switzerland and serves as the hub for Switzerland International Airlines. 


Home to several international corporations, Zurich is also the site of the Switzerland Stock Exchange. Many of Switzerland’s large companies and Swiss banks have their headquarters in the city as well. These include large multinational investment firms such as Credit Suisse Group and the Zurich Insurance Group. 


Along with Tokyo and Hong Kong, Zurich has been ranked as one of the world’s most expensive cities in terms of living expenses.


Tourists who book flights to Zurich often come to see the city’s historic sites, of which there are dozens. Among the most popular is the city’s OId Town or Lindenhof, which dates back to the second century CE. Named for Lindenhof Hill, upon which it was built, Zurich’s Old Town is home to several historic buildings, many shops and restaurants, a castle built by the ancient Romans, and the Carolingian Imperial Palace, which once served as the home of Europe’s Holy Roman Emperor.


The city is also home to many museums, which attract thousands of international and Swiss visitors each year. Among the largest are The Swiss National Museum, which houses exhibits dedicated to the history of the country, and the Zurich Museum of Art, which is home to one of the largest collections of Modern Art in Europe. 


Other interesting museums in Zurich include the Uhrenmuseum Beyer, which chronicles the country’s history of making clocks and watches; and the North American Native Museum, home to exhibits detailing the history and culture of North America’s Native American and First Nations people.


Zurich is considered by many to be one of Europe’s most beautiful cities. The city is surrounded by the snow-capped European Alps, which can be seen from the city center and many of Zurich’s neighborhoods. It is home to several public parks, gardens, and green spaces. Lake Zurich and the Limmat River also add to Zurich’s charm.


Tickets to Zurich are often booked by students who come to the city to study at one of its renowned universities. Many of Zurich’s educational institutions focus on technology, including the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. The city is also home to the public University of Zurich, which is consistently ranked among the world’s top 50 universities, and the Zurich University of the Arts, Switzerland’s largest university dedicated to educating and training artists and designers.


Known for its nightlife, Zurich’s Niederdorf district is home to many fashionable dance and music clubs that cater to the city’s student population. These clubs, along with Zurich’s art house movie theaters, red light district, and bars, are also popular destinations for tourists who come to the city.


Zurich’s largest annual event is its Street Parade, which is held in August. The Street Parade was started in the early 1990s as a way to promote peace and tolerance among the city’s various ethnic groups. Today the event attracts more than one million people each year and features festive, themed floats, and techno music played by popular European DJs. Participants and visitors often dress in vibrant costumes.


Zurich’s official language is Swiss German, which differs slightly from the German spoken in Germany and Austria. Many people in Zurich also speak French and English.

Popular destination cities in Switzerland include Basel, Bern, Geneva, Interlaken, Lucerne, and Zurich.