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Business Class Flights to Lucerne, Switzerland

Located on beautiful Lake Lucerne with views of the Swiss Alps, the city of Lucerne, Switzerland, is known for its well-preserved medieval buildings. One of the buildings of particular interest is its covered Chapel Bridge, an iconic landmarks, which was built in the early 14th century. The city, which is located in central Switzerland’s German-speaking region, is home to about 80,000 permanent residents. Lucerne’s greater metro area has a population of about 220,000.


Many people consider Lucerne to be the most beautiful city in Switzerland, making it a popular destination for tourists. Flights to Lucerne, Switzerland, arrive at Zurich International Airport (ZRH), which is about 45 minutes away by train. Approximately 40 trains travel between Zurich and Lucerne each day, making ground transportation simple and efficient for travelers who fly to Lucerne via Zurich. 


One of the main attractions visitors fly to Lucerne to see is the city’s medieval Old Town. The area is home to several well-preserved wooden post and beam medieval buildings and portions of the original city wall complete with eight remaining watch towers. Also in the Old Town is the Roman Catholic Church of St. Leodegar, built in the 17th century and recognizable from a distance by its twin spires.


Some tourists book flights to Lucerne to attend one of the city’s many annual festivals. The Lucerne Festival, held every summer, is a favorite of classical music enthusiasts from throughout Europe. The musicians who play in the festival’s orchestra, the Lucerne Festival Orchestra, are chosen from among the best in the world each year. Other popular music festivals in Lucerne include the Lucerne Blues Festival, held in November; the B- Sides pop music festival, held in June; and the Blue Balls Festival, a celebration of jazz, blues, and punk rock music, held in July. For music lovers who enjoy traveling, a flight to Lucerne, Switzerland offers as much delight to the ears as to the eyes. 


Although travelers fly to Lucerne year-round, cheap flights to Lucerne can sometimes be booked in the less popular seasons of late fall and early spring. This makes it easy for travelers who come from long distances, such as Los Angeles (LAX) to Lucerne, Switzerland. 


Business travelers who book flights to Lucerne, Switzerland, often work for Swiss companies that have their headquarters in the city. These include the local banking institution, Luzerner Kantonalbank; the University of Lucerne; the Schindler Group, known globally as a manufacturer of elevators and escalators; and Chronoswiss, a maker of fine Swiss watches, and an icon of Switzerland, since the early 1980s.


Although Lucerne isn’t typically knowns as a sports capital, a number of the travelers who fly to Lucerne are football (soccer) fans who come to the city to watch matchers. The city is home to a few professional teams, but the most well known is FC Lucerne, a member of the Swiss Super League. FC Lucerne plays its home games at the Swissporarena, which has a capacity of just under 17,000.


Other popular sports in the city include ice hockey, rowing, basketball, figure skating, and rugby.


Among the notable people who have lived in Lucerne was the German-born classical composer and conductor Richard Wagner, who is perhaps best known for his iconic four-part opera cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen and the ever-popular “Ride of the Valkyries” tune that has found its way in numerous media over the years. Wagner’s former Lucerne home, located on the shore of Lake Lucerne, is today the Richard Wagner Museum and is open to classical music-loving tourists. Wagner lived in the house from 1866 to 1872.

Popular destination cities in Switzerland include Basel, Bern, Geneva, Interlaken, Lucerne, and Zurich.