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Business Class Flights to Strasbourg, France

Located in the Alsace region along the border of Germany, Strasbourg is the eighth-largest city in France. It’s a cultural epicenter of Europe, rich in history and a hub for engineering, manufacturing, and shipping. As the second-largest port both along the Rhine and within France, Strasbourg plays an important role in the transportation of goods. 


Flights to Strasbourg, France, arrive at Strasbourg Airport (SXB). It’s a minor international airport with only one terminal, handling roughly one million travelers each year. Thanks to France’s high-speed rail lines, many tourists looking to fly to Strasbourg instead arrive in Paris, then hop on a connecting train, so they can see the sweeping cityscape and beautiful French countryside. Part of the reason behind this is that cheap flights to Strasbourg are harder to come by. Ryanair, one of the cheaper options for European travel, suspended services to Strasbourg Airport after French courts found that the airline had received illegal subsidies from SXB. While tourists can still find low fares and discounts, Ryanair is no longer an option. 

Still, Strasbourg is one of the more picturesque destinations for tourists looking for a scenic, French experience. Known as La Petite France (or Little France), this historic neighborhood is a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of the most popular stops for travelers both near and far. Located along the River Ill, words fail to give the scenic assortment of cobblestone streets, medieval architecture, and old-fashioned bridges justice. Walking through La Petite France feels like walking through an impressionistic painting, especially during the spring and summer seasons. 


Originally built in the 11th century in the Roman style, the Strasbourg Cathedral is one of the tallest of its kind in the world and a must-see for tourists. Over the years, the Roman style was modified with Gothic elements, and the result is an artistic design that leaves visitors awestruck. 


For those who book tickets to Strasbourg, the “Grand Island” is one of the primary attractions. La Petite France, which is located in Grand Island, is just a part of the grandeur and majesty of this UNESCO World Heritage site. The Strasbourg Cathedral, along with other churches like St. Thomas, also are located on the Grand Island, surrounded by cobblestone streets, bridges, and architecture from centuries past. Located right next to the Strasbourg Cathedral is the Rohan Palace, which formerly housed bishops and cardinals. The building itself is considered a masterpiece of French Baroque style, and today, it houses three museums that are open to the public. Visitors to Rohan Palace can explore the Archaeological Museum, Museum of Decorative Arts, and the municipal art gallery, which features temporary exhibits. 


There are 8 other major museums in the Strasbourg area, many of which are dedicated to fine art or antiquity. Some of the more unique cultural explorations include the Voodoo museum, which features artifacts from Haiti, and the Strasbourg Bar Association Museum, which features exhibits on the history of lawyers in the city. 


A little ways outside of Strasbourg, tourists with a sweet tooth will find a chocolate museum. For those who fly to Strasbourg in search of candy, this delightful adventure will end with a sweet treat. 


Music is an important culture in Strasbourg. In fact, one of the oldest symphonic orchestras in western Europe finds its home in the city. Founded in 1855, the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra still plays in the area, offering an experience for the ears for locals and travelers alike. 


No flight to Strasbourg is complete without a taste of the local cuisine. Because the city borders on France and Germany, its food style is a combination of both. Choucroute d'Alsace, or sauerkraut, is a popular side dish in the region, served up with sausages. For foodies looking for an experience, poached liver dumplings, also known as lewerknepfle, are a popular dish in the region. They’re soft, tasty, and steeped in both French and German cooking traditions. Though coq au vin is a famous French dish, in the Strasbourg area, it’s known as coq au Riesling, wherein the red wine is supplanted with a local Riesling. 

Popular destination cities in France include Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Montpellier, Nantes, Nice, Strasbourg, and Toulouse.