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Cheap Business Class Flights to Wellington, New Zealand

New Zealand’s capital city, located in the southern part of the country’s North Island, Wellington is the southernmost capital in the world. After Auckland, Wellington is also home to New Zealand’s second largest urban area. 


Business class flights to Wellington arrive at the region’s Wellington International Airport (WLG), located about four miles south of the center of the city. When traveling to and from the airport, passengers who book flights to Wellington can take advantage of the city’s extensive electric bus system, which offers service to all parts of the city and to many of its surrounding suburbs.


Direct flights to Wellington are available from nearby countries including AustraliaSingapore, and Fiji, as well as from other airports in New Zealand.


Wellington’s economy is largely based on international shipping, drawing in many business class flights to Wellington from travelers every year. The city’s Wellington Harbour district is home to one of New Zealand’s largest seaports. Goods such as cars and trucks, petroleum products, dairy products, wool, and raw materials such as minerals, travel in and out of Wellington Harbour daily. Wellington Harbour is also used frequently by cruise ships.


Travelers who book tickets to Wellington for business reasons often work in the shipping and logistics field. Other industries that call the city home include high tech and finance.


Tourism is another large contributor to Wellington’s economy. More than 500,000 international visitors and more than three million people from other parts of New Zealand book business class flights to Wellington each year.


Attractions in Wellington include the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa, sometimes called the Te Papa Museum. It is the county’s national museum. The museum, which is visited by approximately 1.5 million people each year, offers exhibits detailing New Zealand’s history; art by New Zealand artists; archeological finds; and cultural exhibits featuring art, crafts, and the history of the country’s native Maori people.


Other popular attractions in the city include the Katherine Mansfield House and Garden; the Wellington Cable Car Museum; the Saint James Theater; and the Hanna Playhouse.


Many visitors book business class flights to Wellington to attend one of the city’s cultural events, which are held year-round. Among the most popular are the New Zealand Festival of the Arts, which is held every other year; the Capital E National Arts Festival for Children; the Homegrown Music Festival; and the New Zealand Fringe Festival.


The city has also become a major center for film making in recent years, earning it the nickname “Wellywood.” Tickets to Wellington are sometimes booked by movie buffs who come to the city and its surrounding region to visit the places where films such as The Lord of the Rings trilogy, Avatar, and the modern version of King Kong were made. The Wellington International Film Festival, held annually in July, is also a popular draw for tourists looking to book a first class flight to Wellington.


For many booking tickets to Wellington, the opportunity to stop at one of their legendary cafes is at the very top of the list of things to do. One of the most unique facets of Wellington culture is their love of coffee. The city is known for its coffee and café culture, which has been influenced by immigrants from Italy, Greece, and Ethiopia. In fact, many use going to grab a coffee as an excuse simply to socialize with friends.


Cheap flights to Wellington are often booked by international students who come to the city from countries around the world to study at the city’s universities. The largest university in the city is the Victoria University of Wellington, which has four campuses and serves about 21,000 students annually. Other universities in the city include branches of the University of Otago and Massey University; the Wellington Institute of Technology; and the New Zealand School of Music.


Sports such as rugby, football (soccer), baseball, basketball, and cricket are also an important part of the city’s culture. Professional and semi-professional games and matches are played at one of the city’s many sports venues, which include the Wellington Regional Stadium, Sky Stadium, and the TSB Bank Arena. Teams from Wellington often play against teams from other cities in New Zealand as well as teams from Australia, Fiji, and other Pacific Island nations.

Popular destination cities in New Zealand include Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, and Wellington.