Cheap Business Class Flights To Amsterdam

As the capital of the Netherlands, the Luchthaven Schiphol is the Amsterdam airport that welcomes many cheap business class flights as well as airfare first class ticket holders. This international airport connects to locations across the globe, including Atlanta, Boston, Seattle and other departure locations for Delta Air Lines in the United States. US Airways and United Airlines, too, fly into this location.

Your business class flights to Amsterdam transports you into the midst of the Netherlands’ economic hub. The financial district is a major draw for international business travelers. With the presence of the stock exchange, foreign banks and investment firms like to send representatives of Amsterdam for their financial dealings. Headquartered in the city are international retailer Koninklijke Ahold N.V., technology giant Philips and beer maker Heineken International.

Discounted business class flights to Amsterdam also brings tourists to town. Whether you have finished your business for the day and are ready to explore like a tourist or have come to visit with tourism in mind, Amsterdam has a little something for everyone. The legalization of marijuana makes this a destination that some visit simply to experience the thrill of the – elsewhere – illegal. Prostitution, too, is legal. And even those who do not intend to seek out a lady of commercial affection will visit the De Wallen red light district for a peek into the trade that is forbidden elsewhere.

When this type of curiosity is satisfied, the more family-friendly destinations are usually put on the agenda. They include the Rembrandt House Museum, which displays personal belongings and some works by painter Rembrandt van Rijn. The Van Gogh Museum is a modern structure that seems at odds with the collection of art that it houses. That said, the interior is actually so well designed that “The Potato Eaters” and the works of other 19th-century artists seem to fit right in.

While there are plenty of grand churches in the city, do visit the Ons' Lieve Heer op Solder clandestine house church. It is now a museum and looks like an unassuming canal house on the outside. When the Dutch Reformed Church was forbidden from worshiping, their faithful retreated to hidden churches such as this one. Another somewhat hidden site that you really should behold is located at Oude Hoogstraat 22, which is right in the middle of the city. This home is known as the smallest house of Europe and is only about seven feet wide and 17 feet deep.

Your cheap business class airfare also brings you face to face with new dishes to try. Since Amsterdam has the reputation of being an international city, you will undoubtedly find foods that are already familiar to your palate. A bit more authentic are the bitterballen, which are deep-fried dough balls stuffed with beef and herbs. Mustard is the typical dipping sauce. To cater to vegetarian visitors, there are some non-meat types on the menu of most eateries that serve them. Street vendors sell stroopwafels, which are freshly made thin waffles that are served like a cookie pressed together and held in place with a thick syrupy filling.

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