Discounted Business Class Flights to Chiang Mai, Thailand

Arriving in Chiang Mai with cheap business class tickets helps you to arrive in style without spending a fortune. Often, when people travel to Thailand for business or leisure, they head to the hub of Bangkok. Why not explore a little more? Find yourself going to another beautiful part of Thailand that is called Chiang Mai. It can look like a completely different country from central and southern Thailand, but it is just as beautiful.

Business Class Flights To Chiang Mai– located in northern Thailand – will fly you over gorgeous mountain scenery and majestic meadows. Even if you are only in the area a short time for business, you can experience a lot of what this beautiful area has to offer. Planning your trip in advance helps you know what there is to do before you arrive at the Chiang Mai International Airport. Carriers represented here include China Eastern Airlines, Thai AirAsia and Korean Air.

Cheap business class flights going to Chiang Mai, Thailand, take you to a city that is famous for its universities, is small and mid-sized businesses as well as its rich history. Not surprisingly, the city attracts business travelers hoping to make lucrative contacts and recreational tourists who want to go sightseeing but stay away from the busyness of Bangkok. Travel within Asia is usually quite affordable for business people because it is a popular area to travel in. When you are traveling within the country, you have the option to save even more than if you are only traveling from the West and into Asia (or from one Asian country to another).

Purchase discounted business class flights to Chiang Mai, and travel on a budget. Splurge with a first class ticket if you so desire. In fact, airfare first class to Chiang Mai costs you a little more, but it gives you a luxurious experience. Examples include more comfortable seating with more foot room, exquisite food and personal attention of dedicated flight attendants during the flight. Depending on the airline, there are other perks that you might enjoy as well. For many leisure travelers, it is worth paying the extra money to have all of that to go with the ticket. If you are just looking to get there as cheaply as possible, a business class ticket is the way to go.

Chiang Mai is located at the base of Doi Suthep, a mountain that forms the southern area of the Himalayas range. The city sits in an area that was forged as part of the Mae Ping river basin and has formed a plains area. Nearby, there are miles and miles of mountains and parks. Over 70 percent of the province is forest. There are 13 national parks. If you love the beauty of nature, this is truly something to see before you leave. Discounted business class airfare to Chiang Mai makes it possible to enjoy all this – and more! Business class tickets save your company money and enable you to take a little side vacation.