Business Class Flights To Wellington

Wellington is a gorgeous part of the North Island in New Zealand and is well regarded for its beauty. It is a gorgeous location filled with great attractions you are going to be able to enjoy as a tourist. Why not make the most of this as soon as you can? You could start your adventure before you even get there by deciding to take a business class flight, so when you arrive you'll be ready to take on what the day has to offer. But really, Wellington is a 'must see' location for anyone who wants to simply get out and enjoy the natural beauty it has to see. There are indeed a plethora of great sights to see when in Wellington, and we hope that the few we mention in this guide will allow you to experience the city for what it truly has to offer.


Want to visit the island's shore? Matiu is a historical and scenic little island within easy reach from Wellington by ferry. The whole island can be circumnavigated via the numerous walking tracks available. You can easily spend 2-3 hours walking at leisurely pace or even camp overnight.

Space Place

Want to get a look at the best place for those who enjoy everything to do with space and the world beyond? Well, this is the place to be and if you are in Wellington, then we'd consider it  a MUST. If you're an aspiring astrologist or just a fan of star gazing, this will be sure to delight. Of course it's hard to beat star gazing while you're lying down flat 30,000 feet in the air amidst luxury in your business class seat on the way to the place you'll enjoy even more sights you're probably dying to see.

Wellington Botanic Garden

If you are in town, this is a great place to visit as well. It is all about the natural beauty on store and you are going to truly soak it in.

This is the charm of Wellington and all it has to offer in terms of the weather and attractions. If you get to visit all of the places listed here, you are going to have a wonderful time and won't want to leave at the end of the vacation. This is why most people love New Zealand and in particular Wellington. With all that being said, if you're suddenly feeling the craving to hop on a business or first class flight over to NZ then give one of our travel experts at Top Business Class a call. With over 30 years experience in the industry, we save our customers on average 35% off their airfare compared to our competitors. Whether you want first class or business class; we can find the flight that fits your needs.