London Heathrow on a Discounted Business Class Ticket

Arriving with airfare first class at the London Heathrow Airport opens the doors to one of the most famous airports in the world. Not only is Heathrow the busiest airport in the UK, but it is also the one that is frequently featured in movies and print media advertising London as a vacation spot. Since the United Kingdom is a hub for professional travelers with ties to national as well as multi-national companies, arriving on cheap business class flights to London Heathrow is a daily occurrence.

Perhaps some of the most popular venues are the lounges. Travel to London Heathrow with cheap business class tickets, and enjoy British hospitality. In terminals one and three there are the Servisair executive lounges. Receive gratis drinks and snacks, enjoy Internet access and read local newspapers. The Plaza Premium Lounge is situated in terminal two. There are private relaxation spaces, a tapas bar, a spa and also a champagne bar. In terminal three, there is also the Traveller Lounge. It is designed for the family with game rooms, free Wi-Fi, free food and drinks as well as spa treatments and showers.

What began in 1929 as an airfield was expanded upon in 1944. Fast-forward to today, and you will notice that there are five passenger terminals as well as a cargo terminal. The airport’s management company reports that 6.97 million travelers used the facility in the month of July, which is an increase when compared to last year. In fact, first class and business class ticket holders arrived at the London Heathrow to the tune of 35.1 million in the first six months of the year. This has earned the facility the right to be called one of the busiest European airports.

Of course, only a small percentage of travelers remain in the area. Popular travel destinations from Heathrow Airport via discounted business class airfare to other nations include Calgary on Air Canada, Boston via Virgin Atlantic and Dubai on Qantas. Over the last month, destinations to Mexico, China and India saw a sizable increase in travelers seeking out these emerging markets for business purposes. The number of cargo flights to Mexico, Russia and China were also up by double digits. Prior to these increases, there was increasing travel activity to Turkey as well as increasing cargo shipments to Brazil.

Yet did you know that arriving on a business class ticket at London Heathrow opens the door to more than just a travel experience? Caffe Nero is a venue located in terminal two. It is a hotbed of live music performances by acoustic folk artists as well as alternative rock and overall feel-good music performers. Authors, too, flock to the airport. There are book signings at terminal five, which draw award-winning authors. In short, this venue is much more than just a place to fly in or connect to a flight that takes you to another destination.

When you arrive on discounted business class airfare at Heathrow Airport, you might be wondering why the scheduling of connecting flights is oftentimes so tight. (Some travelers purposely schedule their connecting flights further apart so that they have some time to enjoy the facility’s amenities.) Part of the reason for the tight scheduling is the fact that the runways are currently operating almost all the way at capacity. Until officials iron out the details – and the funding – on proposed expansions, cheap business class flights to the London Heathrow continue to be scheduled with efficiency in mind.