Delta Air Lines

Delta Air Lines is one of the few airlines that have been around for quite some time. They are one of the top dogs, but it's interesting how the industry has changed. I remember looking into buying Delta stock because the company was struggling so bad the the stock was selling for dirt cheap. The company has since recovered, but with all the new and innovative airlines and the options that are being presented to consumers these days, it's hard to make it out there as an airline.

Do you know where Delta Air Lines is headquartered? That would be in Atlanta, and remember how I told you that Delta had been around for quite awhile? Out of the oldest airlines, Delta is sixth on the list, which puts it as one of the pioneers of the industry. There was a time when Delta was even considered to be the largest airline in the world. In fact, it was recently, even after all the problems the company had a couple years before that. Delta has continued to soar as a top airline company and while you know it's one of the oldest, now you know it was founded in 1924!

If you know anything about Delta and its business struggles, the big one I was referring to was what was going on that ended up being a 2008 Northwest Airlines merger, and the company has been through other mergers in its history in the airline business. Still, it's something for the company itself, the brand and its name to have stayed the same over so many decades.

Having been around since the 20's, soon that will have been over a century. Have you ever flown Delta Business Class? Each airline has its own rewards program, and you can see what you can get with your Delta Air Lines frequent flyer miles.

Recently Delta has made major changes in their Business/First class cabin. Now a days Delta's business class is called Delta One.