Enjoy a Trip to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Known in French as the Aéroport de Paris-Charles-de-Gaulle, landing with cheap business class flights at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport actually takes you to the northeastern portion of Paris. While most famous European airports have started out as small airfields prior to World War II, this one is an oddity in that its construction did not begin in earnest until 1966. The first business class ticket holders arrived at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport in early 1974. Before long, it was necessarily to add onto the facility.

Terminal one was joined by terminal two, which actually consists of seven break-out terminals. Terminal three is almost a mile away from terminal one, but the structures are connected by a train as well as an almost two-mile-long walking path. To further open up the facility to long-haul travelers buying regular or airfare first class, Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport managers decided to add four satellite halls that now accommodate a wide variety of additional passengers. While this structure is functional by design, travelers do not have to forgo a host of creature comforts that are located throughout the facility.

If you are traveling with your family using discounted business class flights to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, make good use of the video games areas. These are found in all terminals and cater to the Playstation 3 aficionado who needs a break from family travel. Allow your kids to have a bit of fun between connecting flights. With hundreds of available PS3 consoles that are accessible without cost, the layover might be the most fun your kids have en route to your destination. By the way, if you are traveling with younger children between the ages of four and ten via discounted business class airfare to or from the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, take advantage of the play areas where youngsters can blow off some steam. If they had to sit quietly during the flight, this is a great way of rewarding them before heading for the connecting flight. Visit terminal 2E and halls K as well as M.

If the travel experience on a discounted business class ticket to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport has left you in knots or you worry about jet lag, consider a relaxing massage at Be Relax. For a quick haircut, there is the Beauty Bubble. If there was no time to get an appointment at the beauty salon or barber shop before you left, experience a 10-minute Parisian haircut that will have you look your best. Head over to terminal 2F for a great look without any needed appointment. When you have saved plenty of money by buying cheap business class tickets to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, reward yourself with a duty-free shopping trip to Gucci in terminal one or Longchamp in terminal 2C.

When it is time to continue on, you may be heading out to a wide variety of destinations. For example, there is Athens that you can reach via Aegean Airlines. Travelers to Atlanta, Detroit, New York or Philadelphia will head over to terminal 2E to connect with Delta Air Lines. To reach Cancun, vacation-minded cheap business class tickets holders at the Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport do best to connect with XL Airways France. This carrier also runs seasonal flights to San Francisco and Palermo.