Shanghai Beckons with Discounted Business Class Airfare

GeoHive identifies Shanghai as the largest city in China as well as in the world. The next Chinese city to follow suit with respect to its number of year-round inhabitants is Beijing. Shanghai is located in the eastern part of China along the banks of the Yangtze River and near the East China Sea. Discounted business class airfare usually brings tourists and business travelers into the Shanghai Pudong International Airport, which welcomes a large number of international airlines. Examples include Air Canada, American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Virgin Atlantic.

When travelers need to book additional flights within the country – with the cheap business class ticket originating in Shanghai – they usually head for the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport. A variety of airlines, of which only a few are international, take travelers to various provinces and cities within China. Examples include China Southern Airlines as well as Juneyao Airlines.

The majority of cheap business class flights arrive in Shanghai for meetings with members of the financial sector. The Banker publication has revealed that Shanghai is the target of increased financial foreign direct investments from across the globe.

Airfare first class is frequently booked by foreign investors who have dealings with representatives from the local stock exchange or the futures exchange. With the government’s backing, the area also maintains a free-trade zone that has spurred on the presence of foreign investors. Although greatly overshadowed by the financial sector, manufacturing always plays a large role in the city’s value to international buyers, investors and representatives of international companies with Chinese ties.

Once you have concluded your work-related meetings, do not let your business class ticket go to waste by staying in your hotel. Take some time to look around! For example, the China Art Museum, which was formerly known as the Shanghai Art Museum, features classical paintings of the nation’s greatest artists throughout history. That said, there is also plenty of modern art on the premises. For ancient Chinese art, head for the Shanghai Museum. Its collection includes home goods and artistic creations made from ceramics, bronze, jade and other materials. There is also an extensive coin collection on the premises.

Shanghai cuisine is a notable influence in Chinese restaurant fare. Popular dishes include small buns called xiaolongbao, which are frequently served in soup. Stuffed with pork, they are a delicacy. Between September and November, enjoy the seasonal availability of the mitten crab. If you really want to go for the gusto, order a tasty – albeit extremely expensive – mitten crab from the Yangcheng Lake.

Century eggs are an acquired taste. These eggs have been cured for a few weeks or months. While the smell can be somewhat off-putting at first, the dish is actually quite tasty when served with soft cool tofu or pickled ginger. Stinky tofu is another dish that takes westerners a while to appreciate. The fermentation of the soy-based product leads to the production of a very strong odor, which makes it easy to locate the street vendors and eateries that serve the dish. Dip the sliced tofu into a chili sauce for best results.