Off to Paris with a Business Class Ticket

Since Paris is the capital city of France, many discounted business class tickets lists it as the intended destination. Of course, there are plenty of other reasons to choose Paris as your travel objective. For example, the Eiffel Tower is only one of the structures that are considered a globally recognizable icon of a major European city.

Cheap business class flights to Paris are routinely booked for visits to La Défense. As noted by Metro Politics, La Défense is Paris’ preeminent business district. A mix of city planning, politicking and architectural advancement has put this business district on the map of Europe. It is one of the continent’s largest business districts that has been conceived and built for this very purpose.

The draws for the business traveler are big-name corporations like Total, Arcelor and Aventis. Since La Défense is also home to numerous hotels, business class ticket holders like to make this district their home base for business as well as leisure activities. With so little need to get around by car or even public transportation, some professionals fail to venture outside the district and into the rest of Paris. They may never take the opportunity to properly sightsee.

Do not make their mistakes! While discounted business class flights to Paris is great for your company, it does not limit you when it comes to spending a little bit of time exploring the city. Visit the Louvre and marvel at the painting of the “Mona Lisa.” Look closely at the reds used by Titian in his works of art. Complete your hunger for original artwork with a visit to the Musée d'Orsay, which houses many a Renoir, Van Gogh and Cézanne.

Even if you do not speak French very well, you owe it to yourself to take in a movie at Le Grand Rex, which is a movie theater that would put the old Hollywood-style movie houses to shame. The Art Deco design elements add an air of history to this already famous building. From there, it is a small step to enjoying the quintessential Parisian pastime of the afternoon coffee.

The target destination for this outing is Saint-Germain-des-Prés, which is a neighborhood that is littered with famous street cafes. It used to be the hang-out location for the likes of Jean-Paul Sartre and members of his circle. Les Deux Magots was not just the haunt of Sartre, but it also attracted numerous other literary luminaries. Its main rival is the Café de Flore. Both venues are so popular that patrons who manage to snag a particularly advantageous spot will remain there for breakfast, lunch and sometimes also dinner.

As you purchase your first class airfare to Paris, plan on adding a few extra days to your itinerary just for sightseeing. It is impossible to take in all that Paris has to offer in a few short days – particularly if you are also taking care of business.