Airfare Business or First Class to the Brussels Airport

Known locally as Brussel Nationaal, Bruxelles-National or Brussel-Zaventem, flying into the Brussels Airport with Discounted business class airfare does not have to be confusing because of the Dutch, French and German language notations. Situated to the northeast of Belgium’s capital, the facility got its beginning when occupying German military personnel during World War II needed a back-up airfield. After being liberated by the British, Belgian officials took over the German-built facility and quickly developed it into an airport that could take over for the small Haran facility.

When your cheap business class flights land at Brussels Airport, you will notice that there is only one terminal. While this looks deceptively small, consider that this is a multi-level structure with multiple departure halls. Moreover, there are multiple piers that further enhance the functionality of the locale. There has been talk about adding a low-cost pier for carriers catering to those with cheap business class tickets traveling to the Brussels Airport, but financial concerns have put this project on hold. Travelers using discounted business class to Brussels Airport continue to be spread out to a wide range of the facilities currently in use.

In spite of its deceptively diminutive size, cheap business class flights routinely land at Brussels Airport. Airfare first class passengers, too, head to this venue. Since the city is rarely the final destination for business or leisure travelers, there are plenty of national and international carriers that transport flyers to their final target destinations. For example, a connection to Lyon, Nantes or Bordeaux can be made with Air France. Brussels Airlines travels to New York, London, Madrid or Tel Aviv. US Airways takes travelers to Philadelphia and – depending on the season – to Charlotte. It is interesting to note that the busiest European routes take travelers to Madrid, London and Geneva. Business class ticket purchasers departing from Brussels Airport to intercontinental venues frequently head to New York, Washington and Tel Aviv.

When it comes to creature comforts, the Brussels Airport offers business class ticket holders as well as first class travelers a large selection of choices. For example, Black Pearls is an upscale seafood restaurant on pier A that prepares delectable dishes and desserts. The Belgian Beer Café is exactly what it sounds like: a chance to taste a foreign brew. In addition to beers, the venue offers wines as well as sandwiches and pastries. After eating and enjoying an authentic locally brewed beer, why not head over to River Woods to shop for fashions?

If you happen to be on pier B, eat at the Brussels Plaza. This is a self-service eatery that features sushi, sandwiches and a children’s menu. The vibe is laid back and relaxed. It is okay to linger over your food while you await a connecting flight. For your shopping pleasure, this pier features Leather, which is a store that carries Guess, Longchamp, Tumi and Kipling. Antwerp Diamonds & Jewels caters to the flyer who needs a last-minute chic gift. It is hard to get it wrong with diamonds.