Discounted Business Class Flights to the Berlin Airport

Are you traveling to the federal capital of Germany? If so, there is a good chance that you arrive on one of the cheap business class flights to the Berlin Tegel Airport. This facility welcomes a large number of national and international carriers. The latter include British Airways, United Airlines and Iberia. When traveling elsewhere from the Berlin Airport, discounted business class ticket holders know that Hainan Airlines will transport them to Beijing, Air France will schedule flights to Paris’ Charles de Gaulle airport and Transaero Airlines is the gateway to Moscow.

Approximately 26 million passengers travel through the Berlin Airport with discounted business class airfare or as first-class leisure travel ticket holders. It is interesting to note that this number of passengers has been steadily increasing since 2010. By far, the largest number of local cheap business class flights originating at the Berlin Airport head to Frankfurt, Munich and Düsseldorf. With respect to international flights, Zurich, London and Vienna make up the top-three destinations. The history of the venue is impressive as well. During World War I, this locale was little more than an air field. Expansions were begun and continued. World War II found the venue as being part of the airlift effort. Later, it became an airbase.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the commercial operations began. Travelers arrived via airfare first class at the Berlin Airport. Discounted business class airfare made Berlin Airport flights affordable to a broader segment of the German population. International carriers began setting up hubs at this facility. Next, Germany’s re-unification led to a boom of travel business as a new segment of the local population was now free to travel across the country and across the world. Yet in spite of this venue’s popularity, it is scheduled for closure sometime after 2015. Latest scuttlebutt suggests that the actual opening may have to be delayed until about 2017 or even later.

At that time, the Berlin Brandenburg Airport is poised to welcome travelers. Although currently still under construction, this new Berlin airport is for business class ticket holders who desire better connecting flights. While Tegel was unable to accommodate many of these tourists or business travelers, Brandenburg’s partnership with Air Berlin will be the deciding factor in this improvement. Business class to Berlin Airport also open the gates to a variety of modern amenities that add value to the travel experience.

When first designing this new facility, much attention was paid to the sizing of the gates. Wide-body aircrafts will have easy access to the carefully designed aprons that allow passengers to board these crafts while other planes are deplaning or boarding. This is designed to cut down on wait times and increase the number of flights that the new airport can facilitate. In addition, architects with a thorough understanding of low-cost carriers’ business models have been instrumental in the design of piers that cater to this specific clientele. It is clear that Brandenburg is poised to overtake Tegel in comfort, convenience and efficiency – once it is ready to finally throw open its gates.