Beijing Airport is the Main Airport for the Region

The Beijing Airport is the main facility serving Beijing and the surrounding area. It is known officially as the Beijing Capital International Airport and is located about 20 miles northeast of the city center. A state-controlled company is in charge of operating and managing the venue. This facility has the distinction of being one of the busiest airports in the world and if you want to book tickets, talk to your friendly broker or agent well in advance of your arrival or departure dates. If you need cheap business class to Beijing airport, booking them in advance is your best option.

This large, popular airport has been around since March 2, 1958. In those early days, there was only one terminal building. In 1980, another larger building was added, allowing for 10-12 more airplane docks. Finally, in late 1999, the airport was expanded again.

A Beijing airport business class ticket can save you significantly when compared to the expense associated with a first class ticket. If you are traveling for business, this is the perfect way of getting comfortable travel opportunities for even the shortest of distances. In addition, this large airport has everything you need and want – should you find yourself waiting for some time around the airport. The facility now has three terminals that are as functional as they are luxurious. In fact, travelers first arriving here are fascinating not only by the ultramodern look, but also by the wealth of functional creature comforts and amazing sights.

Cheap business class flights from the Beijing Airport help you save money while you experience such a large, popular airport has to offer. Great facilities include the Global Kitchen at T3 where there are 72 stores. This bustling shopping metropolis offers you food options and beverages from local as well as foreign shores. The airport also features a domestic retail area, business centers, banks and Internet services. Discounted business class airfare to the Beijing airport is a good way to travel and have some money left over to enjoy the amenities. If you are traveling as a group, you might be able to save even more on group travel fares if you book flights at the same time. Airfare first class to the Beijing Airport allows you to fly in style. Comfort is a guarantee.

This modern facility serves both foreign and domestic flights with the help of its three sizable terminals. Understanding how the terminals are labeled and used helps you make the most of your time there. Domestic and international travelers usually check in at T3C. Domestic flights board at T3C and T3D only. International flights use the T3E location. When you buy Beijing airport business class ticket or discounted business class airfare, time any of your connecting flights with these gate designations in mind. Cheap business class flights from the Beijing airport connect you to a wide variety of popular airports anywhere in the country. This facility is also a convenient gateway to worldwide destinations.