Cheap Business Class Tickets British Airways

If you're looking for a  discounted business class ticket to the UK, consider flying business class with British Airways as they are a gateway to visiting four distinct countries. England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland make up the United Kingdom that is commonly abbreviated as the UK. Although the official language is the Queen’s English, you will hear plenty of Scottish Gaelic, Welsh and other dialects spoken in the rural areas. London itself, the largest city of the UK, is home to plenty of dialects that usually distinguish residents of different parts of town.

To say that the UK is a hub of industrialization would be an understatement. After all, England was one of the first countries to embrace industrialization in the 18th century and has since then labored hard to remain at the forefront of industrial advancement. At this time, discounted business class airfare to UK brings international travelers to a country where agriculture, natural resources, manufacturing and oil drilling have led to the formation of large corporate entities with international appeal.

Perhaps this is one of the reasons that the Euro monitor International recognized London as the most sought out travel destination for international tourists. While cheap business class flights with British Airways to UK probably claim the lion’s share of these travelers, there are also plenty of airfare first class tickets that travelers purchase when they want to travel in style. All these travelers have in common the desire to get business done so that the sightseeing may begin.

Tourism in the United Kingdom is a huge industry. The Office for National Statistics reveals that just last year there were 32.8 million visits to the UK, of which 16.8 million of these visits turning into overnight stays in London. It is interesting to note that the third largest number of travelers comes from the United States. This figure is surpassed only by France and Germany. Since the UK is made up of four different countries, it can be difficult to pinpoint just what is it that attracts those on holiday to this location.

For England, visitors usually target London, York and Manchester. Popular destinations include the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and the York Minster. Highlights of Northern Island include visits to the Old Bushmills Distillery and trips into the city of Belfast. Scotland is quite possibly the main tourist destination of a good many recreational travelers. Its long history and well-developed attractions at cultural sites have endeared it to a host of travel shows.

Golfers make their pilgrimages to St. Andrews, where a round of golf at the Old Course is considered the highlight of any golfer’s career. The highlands, which have been romanticized by countless movies and novels, are another draw for the tourist who cannot wait to see the landscape that inspired so many tall tales. Those with a penchant for crypto zoology head for Loch Ness in the hopes of seeing the fabled monster.

By comparison, Wales is not quite as popular a tourist destination. The recreational traveler with a cheap business class ticket to UK might be hoping to visit Gwynedd for its inimitable atmosphere. Regardless of where you decide to go, British Airways can help you get there.