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Laura L

15 Oct 2017 - From - CA, United States

Eric was on it! It was the easiest experience I've had booking flights.

Anonymous Customer

12 Oct 2017 - From - CA, United States


Manolito T

11 Oct 2017 - From - CA, United States

Christophe Stark is one of a kind. It does not feel like you are doing business with a company, instead, it is like with someone you know from a company. He replies promptly to my emails and gives the best advice. balanced professionalism and friendliness. This is my second tiome to do business with and both were very positive.


10 Oct 2017 - From - CA, United States

Excellent service with attention to detail, highly recommended.


06 Oct 2017 - From

David is the best! He has great travel ideas and offers options to choose from He never pushes and is truly a professional. Fantastic customer service!

James C

05 Oct 2017 - From - TX, United States

Alex Abram was very helpful and did a wonderful job helping me find a good flight at the most inexpensive cost. I highly recommend him.

Adam L

04 Oct 2017 - From - CA, United States

Joesph help me out and he couldn't of done a better job! Answered all my questions and spent extra time with me. Great rates, great service, already sent a colleage to you. Thanks, Adam

H.N. C

03 Oct 2017 - From - CA, United States

I contacted agent directly, did not use the online shopping Mark Yu was my contact, he was professional, friendly and resourceful. I will call him again for other travel plans for sure.

Outstanding S

22 Sep 2017 - From - MA, United States

Your agent, ALEX ABRAM, has been a great help to me. He worked tirelessly to get the best Business Class flights, window seats and terminal assistance available for me. I'm disabled and require a wheelchair at departure-all transfer points--and arrival airport in both outbound and return connections. My flights were not easy to arrange. Alex accomplished a hard job brilliantly. He is an outstanding representative of your organization. I will certainly use your company and Alex's services next time I plan to fly. Sincerely, Thomas R. Bransten, Somerville, MA 02144,

Princeton S

21 Sep 2017 - From

We first found this service when business plans called for us to fly to Singapore in 2014. They were able to save us almost 50% over what we would have paid if we booked ourselves, and the airlines they used were exceptional. we have since used them two additional times, including this month where they, again, saved us 50% over any other available provider All of the staff we worked with, especially Mark Yu, have been very pleasant and accommodating, especially given the number of curveballs we've lobbed at them! They do their best work as the departure dates get closer, so if you're patient you'll end up better for it.


21 Sep 2017 - From

Alex Abram was very friendly, knowledgeable, reachable and very understanding. My first time to use the service and was skeptical at first, but Alex was very good, he has a lot of patience & knowledge explaining the process that makes me confident in the end. I only have high praise for his professionalism.

Kayanne Edmonds

21 Sep 2017 - From - MA, United States

Joseph Williams was an excellent representative and worked diligently to find me a flight home from Australia on the date I desired. He was courteous when we spoke on the phone and replied quickly on email questions. My holiday plans are complete knowing I have a confirmed flight home

David G

20 Sep 2017 - From - FL, United States

Christopher Stark is an experienced, kind, and knowledgeable travel agent with great expertise and patience. He is a credit to Top Business Class!! I will utilize his services again in the future and gladly refer my contacts to him. Regards, Rev. David Garcia

Adolfo L

20 Sep 2017 - From - Caracas, Venezuela

Joseph is very professional and proactive. It was great to work with him!


17 Sep 2017 - From - Qld, Australia

very happy with servce,Angela was very helpful. will use your company again.


12 Sep 2017 - From - CA, United States

Natasha has been incredibly helpful, and responsive for my international travel needs. She gets great discounts on Business Class seats.

Jose M

10 Sep 2017 - From - CA, United States

I am very satisfied with the way Mark Yu handle my reservation, I tried to book one myself at the same time while I was taking to him, but I was not able to find me one like the one he had prepared. short connection and good timing for arrival. thx. Mark


09 Sep 2017 - From

This is the first time I have used this service, but Joseph was so helpful, courteous and friendly that this is definitely where I would look to book any future travel. (The questionnaire asks about satisfaction with the "product," and of course I will only know the answer to that after our trip, but based on Joseph's descriptions I feel sure it will be an excellent flight.)


09 Sep 2017 - From - VA, United States

Mark was very friendly, knowledgeable and responsive. I highly recommend TopBusinessClass!!

Judith A

07 Sep 2017 - From - MD, United States

This is an amazing service for those who travel frequently. Chris was a pleasure to deal with, helpful and responsive to all my needs. I will definately use them as my "go to" for my airline travel, and recommend them to all my colleagues. Judith Abboud MD


06 Sep 2017 - From - CA, United States

Mark was responsive to my questions and responded quickly to my requests for flight reservations. He guided me through the "paperwork" after doing all of the legwork to research flights. I look forward to doing business with Mark again.

Ellen F

05 Sep 2017 - From - NY, United States

The Service from the salesman Mark Yu ,was consistent and timely along with clarity of the products and options. I expect to be as pleased when the dates of travel arrive and would recommend you to friends and colleagues.


31 Aug 2017 - From - CA, United States

John Reid has been exceptionally helpful and attentive. He worked very hard, was extremely knowledgeable and endlessly patient with me and my needs/requests. I feel as if I have my own personal travel advisor--I will definitely be booking with John again! Thanks!

Lutz P

29 Aug 2017 - From - AZ, United States

I was skeptical at first that this service would really be available and run as efficiently as it turned out to be. I have only high praise for the professionalism and the customer orientation I found. I will most certainly be back.


29 Aug 2017 - From

Joseph's courtesy and responsiveness were outstanding. The itinerary he arranged meets my schedule needs perfectly and the fare was significantly less than any others found online.